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I know I’m two days late to the usual “year in review,” but here are the Rocker Stalker-approved, top 5 releases of 2014!

1) Royal BloodRoyal Blood 

Every track on this self-titled album is a blistering, in-you-face rock track. This UK duo is bringing the rhythm section to the forefront, embodying¬†the power of a group many times their number. ¬†Royal Blood will be touring with Foo Fighters this summer, so don’t miss their incrdible live show! Get a taste of Royal Blood with the¬†video “Figure It Out:”

2)¬†Reignwolf“Lonely Sunday:”

Yet another teaser to the TBA¬†album from this heavy blues-rock power trio. Originally a solo project of Canadian born, Seattle- based guitar virtuoso Jordan Cook, this band is reigning supreme on the rock circuit, having toured with Black Sabbath this year, ¬†and gaining fans exponentially all over the world. Check out the track “Lonely Sunday” below:

3) The WansHe Said She Said

Follow up to their 2012 self-titled EP, Nashville-based The Wans can be very proud of this past year’s full-length He Said She Said. Ten tracks of non-stop face melting, this grungy garage three-piece took the festival network by storm throughout 2014 and even had song in a BMW commercial. ¬†And, just when you thought they were all business, think twice and get a good laugh with their video for the single “Never Win:”

4) The GraycesWesting

I’m not sure what it is about Nashville, but something awesome must be in the water. Heavy and ominous, The Grayces’ October 2014 release¬†Westing¬†takes you on a dangerous ride through the darkest parts of rock ‘n roll with fierce vocals, penetrating bass lines and unrelenting drums. ¬†The trio embarked on an extensive tour in support of the record, and definitely scared some hipsters when they took the stage here in NYC. Take the plunge with The Grayces’ video¬†“Lord and Gods of Alcohol:”

5) The Phuss–¬†On The Prowl

Ever since I laid eyes and ears on these three gentlemen from Dallas/Fort Worth, I’ve felt better about the future of rock ‘n roll and punk. 2014 was a big one for The Phuss, joining forces with Magnetic Eye Records, toured the nation, and dropping their sophomore album¬†On The Prowl,¬†which has gotten a lot of people talking and a lot of people headbanging. ¬†The Phuss reinvigorate the down ‘n dirty rock mentality that makes their live shows all-the-more-fun. ¬†Party with The Phuss in their video “I Don’t Feel Good:”

It’s been a while since my last post, but this topic was worthy of getting back into the swing of things. Last week, Saskatoon-turned-Seattle power trio Reignwolf (a favorite of mine if you know me) hit the east coast for a week and a half of insane shows, fresh off a European tour with Black Sabbath. ¬†I made the trek to Washington DC’s the Rock ‘n Roll Hotel on July 26, where I was barred from photography, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say it was an epic show. ¬†A couple days later, ¬†I convinced some Reignwolf newbies to carpool me down to The Wonder Bar in¬†¬†Asbury¬†Park. The three piece impressed and made instant fans with locals, who weren’t exactly sure what had just shaken their relatively quiet city. Last but not least, Friday, August 1 was the finale at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC. ¬†A sold out evening with Rocker Stalker buddies STRNGRS supporting was an indescribable night. Taking the show down to the floor amongst the crowd, a common Reignwolf show occurrence, was at a whole new level at Bowery, complete with a crowd surfing Jordan Cook (see below), sweat drenched audience, and in a word, mayhem!

All in all, I was rocked like a hurricane and pretty happy about it. Check out all the photos from Bowery Ballroom on Rocker Stalker’s Facebook page!



Looking back on 2013, there have been innumerable musical memories I could retell. Traveling to 4 different cities for¬† SXSW, Coachella, Music Midtown, and CMJ festivals, meeting some of my favorite musicians, attending Live on Letterman, and hosting over 25 “Rocker Stalker presents” shows, to name a few, ¬†all in all, these 5 releases (singles, EP’s, records) made the most impact on my 2013 music experience.


1)¬†Queens¬†of the Stone Age-¬†…Like Clockwork:¬†Queens of the Stone Age¬†don’t need another itty bitty blog telling cyberspace how great they are, but I’m going to do it any way. Their sixth studio album¬†…Like Clockwork¬†is a masterpiece that represents everything that is wonderful about the band and modern rock for that matter: depth, darkness, charm, sass, and ingenious melodies, lyrics, and instrumentation. And, did I mention the incredible album artwork by Boneface? It was also fashioned into animated videos to accompany track teasers and concert backdrops, a badass collaboration to say the least. ¬†According to sources, and to make a long story short, lead vocalist/guitarist Josh Homme was pulled out of a deep depression and encouraged to write the album¬† by bandmates, after being bed ridden for four months due to a surgery complication. In a way, I think the album pulled me out of a lot of hard times, and returned the pep in my step, not to get TOO personal. ¬†From the ominous “Keep Your Eyes Peeled,” bubbly yet thematically heavy “I Sat By the Ocean,” anthemic and balladic “The Vampyre of Time and Memory,” dancy “If I Had a Tail,” sultry and bluesy “Smooth Sailing,” and hearfelt and poignant title track, QOTSA nailed it with this record. Seeing the band perform the album in its entirety on¬†Live on Letterman¬†in June, meeting Homme and newly adopted¬†drummer Jon Theodore, aka “Mr. Handsome,” at Music Midtown, and catching the band live in Boston and Brooklyn, drove the point home about the greatness behind the tunes. ¬†Get yourself a copy of¬†…Like Clockwork¬†and check out the interactive video for¬†“The Vampyre of Time and Memory.”¬†¬†The album is¬†up for three Grammy’s (not shocking)…fingers are crossed!


2)¬†Reignwolf- Two-way tie between “Are You Satisfied?”/ “In the Dark:”¬†OK, so if you’ve met me, you know what a diehard fan I am of Saskatoon-born, Seattle-based blues rock band¬†Reignwolf.¬†I fell in love with this act last year at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC and experienced their jaw-dropping performances and Jordan Cook’s epic guitar shredding (think Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Jimi Hendrix meets Eddie Van Halen) about a dozen times since, rain or shine. Just in this past year or so,¬†the trio’s notoriety has grown exponentially, and deservingly so. Hitting every major festival on the circuit and flooring every person they’ve played to in their path, the only thing that was missing was music people could actually¬†own. When I got the news that¬†“Are You Satisfied?”¬†was available in August (during Lollapalooza), it was like hearing that Guns ‘n Roses’¬†Chinese Democracy¬†was FINALLY here, but this time, with a better and more, well, satisfying outcome. The anticipation for released music continued, made stronger by their insane September shows in support of the Pixies, and my prayers were answered a few months later when Reignwolf premiered¬†“In The Dark” on Rolling Stone. This is blues and¬†rock ‘n roll at its finest. Reignwolf gives hope that rock still has a heartbeat; they are reinvigorating the appreciation for the genre and¬†I, along with thousands of others, cannot wait for the full-length to arrive! ¬†Check out¬†“Are You Satisfied?” and¬†“In the Dark,”¬†and be on the lookout as Reignwolf takes over the world. Next stop: spring tour with Black Sabbath.¬†

arctic-monkeys-am-cover3)¬†Arctic Monkeys,¬†AM:¬†Album number five from¬†these Englishmen is totally unexpected, but in a superb way.¬† Not abandoning their spunky and punky Brit-pop/rock roots, Arctic Monkeys¬†take a different turn on their 2013 release AM. ¬†I’ve been a fan since their debut record¬†Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not¬†and sophomore album¬†Favourite Worst Nightmare.¬†Though I lost touch with the band’s goings-on for a few years (sorry), I’m glad I caught wind of AM. ¬†Showcasing their sultry and sexy side, Arctic Monkeys channel blues, R&B, and hip hop, while weaving their signature bounciness in with aching, seductive lyrics. From pulsating ‚ÄúDo I Wanna Know?‚ÄĚ yearning rock track ‚ÄúR U Mine?,‚ÄĚ smooth, hip-sway-inducing ‚ÄúOne for the Road,‚ÄĚ Motown-esque ‚ÄúFireside,‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúWhy‚Äôd You Only Call Me When You‚Äôre High?‚ÄĚ(my personal favorite), grooving ‚ÄúKnee Socks,‚ÄĚ and clever, slinky closer ‚ÄúI Wanna Be Yours,‚ÄĚ AM is the burlesque dancer of records fraught with enticing tunes. I missed my opportunity to see the band live in Atlanta, but I hope I get a second chance when they rock Madison Square Garden in February.¬† ¬†Get romantic with AM. ¬†Peep the official video for ‚ÄúWhy‚Äôd You Only Call Me When You‚Äôre High?‚ÄĚ

black-sabbath-13-13702857354)¬†Black Sabbath,¬†13:¬†¬† Appropriately named for its June 2013 release, 13 demonstrates Black Sabbath‚Äôs relevance, even after 40+ years of existence, multiple line-up changes, and now, 19 studio albums. Combining the best of both Ozzy Osbourne‚Äôs style, ranging from mania to sentimental ballads, Tony Iommi‚Äôs heavy, driving, and penetrating guitar riffs, and grave topics, 13 gets down to serious rock business from the first power chord of ‚ÄúEnd of the Beginning.‚ÄĚ Followed by highlight tracks, ¬†doomy ‚ÄúGod is Dead?,‚ÄĚ super-Sabbathy ‚ÄúLoner,‚ÄĚ creeping ‚ÄúZeitgeist,‚ÄĚ epic ‚ÄúAge of Reason,‚ÄĚ stealthy ‚ÄúDamaged Soul,‚ÄĚ pounding ‚ÄúDear Father,‚ÄĚ and dynamic ‚ÄúMethademic,‚ÄĚ 13 ¬†is a head banger‚Äôs delight. ¬†I‚Äôm thrilled these heavy metal pioneers are still going, and I‚Äôm looking forward to seeing them for the first time in March at Barclays! 13 is up for three Grammy‚Äôs too, so get listening!

blacktaxi_chiaroscurocover5)¬†Black Taxi,¬†Chiaroscuro:¬†Brooklyn-based¬†band¬†Black Taxi, who has been in my top favorites for over half a decade, have made leaps and bounds since first I first lay ears on them. This past September, they released their ultra-dancy EP¬†Chiaroscuro,¬†follow up to their 2012 album¬†We Don’t Know Any Better,¬†showing off the band’s knack for ‚Äúdance music without laptops.‚Ä̬† ¬†Though you wouldn‚Äôt peg the quartet as a typical ‚Äúrock‚ÄĚ act, they definitely ROCK at what they do and hold true to real guitar solos and contagious drum beats that can whip both rock ‚Äėn rollers and club goers into a frenzy. ¬†Ever-so-energetic and charismatic on stage, Black Taxi continue to impress with their live shows and grooveable tracks. ¬†Chiaroscuro¬†showcases those ‘electro’-buildups, that break into danceable choruses that we all know and love, maintaining the band’s reputation as one of the top NY acts and most fun performances! ¬†Check out¬†Chiaroscuro¬†here,¬†and if you’re in the neighborhood for New Year’s Eve (that‚Äôs tonight!), come dance the night away with Black Taxi at Mercury Lounge!

Runners up: ¬†Compass EP by Brandon Boyd, ‚ÄúSatisfied,‚ÄĚ single by The Wans, “Tell Me Why” video by Butcher Knives, ‚ÄúRosemary‚ÄĚ video by Deftones, self-titled EP by Isle of Rhodes, and Reflector by Arcade Fire.

Happy new year! See you on January 3 at Bar Matchless and January 17 at Bowery Electric!

This past weekend was an indulgent one, setting aside two nights for one of my favorite artists, Canandians-turned-Seattlites, Reignwolf, who I’ve mentioned several times since seeing them perform last year in New York. ¬†This time, the power blues rock trio took NYC’s Irving Plaza by storm, as part of their east coast tour and after party for Governor’s Ball. ¬†The rain that came with Reignwolf did not stop fans from venturing out to the festival that, from what I understand, was an epic rock show that ended in the mud. ¬† Surviving the flood and ferry ride (Vocalist/guitarist Jordan Cook mentioned his horoscope predicted “a tragic boating accident will soon claim the lives of the lead singer, guitarist, and drummer of your one-man band.”), a drier venue welcomed them on Friday evening where they joined fellow threepiece, 80’s rock icons, Dinosaur Jr., who demonstrated more stamina than most people half their ages and shook the venue with more than an hour and a half of hazy, loud rock. It was the perfect combination; bands from different eras showcasing the longevity of guitar-heavy rock ‘n roll. ¬†Here’s Reignwolf shredding at Irving, seguing from a take on Moby’s “Natural Blues” into ¬†a RW original, “Into the Dark.” ¬†I don’t need to speak much for this video…and check out some pictures too!¬† The Reignweekend continued Sunday evening. I made the trek to Philly’s Ortlieb’s Lounge, had some cheesesteaks and energized for the impending, unapologetic rock out. The show got going with Philly/Tristate area-based Satellite Hearts, who, though youthful, sounded beyond their years with classic rock vibes and prococious chops. ¬†They called Reignwolf, “Beowolf,” which added a bit of comic relief and continued the string of hilarious misnamings of the ¬†act (They had been called “Reignworm” when being booked at Irving Plaza). Speaking of Reignworm/Beowolf/Reignwolf, there was no mistaking the awesome spectacle that was their performance. With a smaller venue came a much more intimate show, fusing the band and crowd with an electric set. ¬† Starting out solo, ¬†playing a single kickdrum while singing and wailing on guitar, Cook drew the crowd in before adding bandmates Stitch on bass and Joseph Braley on drums, ¬†who ¬†pummeled the stage and pulled out all the stops. Cook lept on and off his kick drum, reigning (literally) over the audience with his guitar, while Stitch made his way into audience for a friendly jam out. ¬†Favorites of the night included “In the Dark,” “Electric Love” (video below), and a rarely performed cover of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy,” during which Cook made his way over to the drumkit to sing, play guitar with one hand, and drum with the other. ¬†The night was unforgettable, and definitely proves why Reignwolf is making huge impressions wherever they go. ¬†They’ll be rocking and ruling at NXNE, Lollapalooza, Squamish Festival, and Austin City Limits, just to name a few stops on their tour. ¬† All I can say is HELL YEAH. Keep it up guys! Here’s a look back on Sunday!


Tuesday night, I was lucky enough to hear what occurred at Rockwood Music Hall. Introduced to his music only hours before the show, I¬†immediately¬†knew I had to see Reignwolf perform. Starting out solo, pounding blues riffs into his guitar, stomping on a kick drum with his right foot and coordinating guitar pedals with his left, and singing with just as much impassioned intensity, ¬†Jordan Cook, aka Reignwolf, began with “Electric Love,” venturing over to the full drum kit whilst playing guitar, using drum sticks for their usual purpose as well as a guitar slide. Cook brought out an¬†electrified¬†mandolin for a soulful rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” ¬†His howling vocals were ¬†joined by two separate people on guitar and drums for the remainder of the set, adding to Cook’s explosive energy, as he jumped around and climbed atop a teetering table over the crowd.

The Canadian-turned-Seatlleite is currently on an extensive tour, reaching Europe then heading home, but we can’t wait to have him back in NYC! Reignwolf’s music is not yet available for purchase, but there are plenty of ¬†cyberspace avenues with live footage/recordings¬†for your listening¬†pleasure,¬† including his Soundcloud¬†and Rocker Stalker’s videos below!

Here’s a little taste of Tuesday’s jaw-dropping performance.