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This past weekend was an indulgent one, setting aside two nights for one of my favorite artists, Canandians-turned-Seattlites, Reignwolf, who I’ve mentioned several times since seeing them perform last year in New York.  This time, the power blues rock trio took NYC’s Irving Plaza by storm, as part of their east coast tour and after party for Governor’s Ball.  The rain that came with Reignwolf did not stop fans from venturing out to the festival that, from what I understand, was an epic rock show that ended in the mud.   Surviving the flood and ferry ride (Vocalist/guitarist Jordan Cook mentioned his horoscope predicted “a tragic boating accident will soon claim the lives of the lead singer, guitarist, and drummer of your one-man band.”), a drier venue welcomed them on Friday evening where they joined fellow threepiece, 80’s rock icons, Dinosaur Jr., who demonstrated more stamina than most people half their ages and shook the venue with more than an hour and a half of hazy, loud rock. It was the perfect combination; bands from different eras showcasing the longevity of guitar-heavy rock ‘n roll.  Here’s Reignwolf shredding at Irving, seguing from a take on Moby’s “Natural Blues” into  a RW original, “Into the Dark.”  I don’t need to speak much for this video…and check out some pictures too!  The Reignweekend continued Sunday evening. I made the trek to Philly’s Ortlieb’s Lounge, had some cheesesteaks and energized for the impending, unapologetic rock out. The show got going with Philly/Tristate area-based Satellite Hearts, who, though youthful, sounded beyond their years with classic rock vibes and prococious chops.  They called Reignwolf, “Beowolf,” which added a bit of comic relief and continued the string of hilarious misnamings of the  act (They had been called “Reignworm” when being booked at Irving Plaza). Speaking of Reignworm/Beowolf/Reignwolf, there was no mistaking the awesome spectacle that was their performance. With a smaller venue came a much more intimate show, fusing the band and crowd with an electric set.   Starting out solo,  playing a single kickdrum while singing and wailing on guitar, Cook drew the crowd in before adding bandmates Stitch on bass and Joseph Braley on drums,  who  pummeled the stage and pulled out all the stops. Cook lept on and off his kick drum, reigning (literally) over the audience with his guitar, while Stitch made his way into audience for a friendly jam out.  Favorites of the night included “In the Dark,” “Electric Love” (video below), and a rarely performed cover of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy,” during which Cook made his way over to the drumkit to sing, play guitar with one hand, and drum with the other.  The night was unforgettable, and definitely proves why Reignwolf is making huge impressions wherever they go.  They’ll be rocking and ruling at NXNE, Lollapalooza, Squamish Festival, and Austin City Limits, just to name a few stops on their tour.   All I can say is HELL YEAH. Keep it up guys! Here’s a look back on Sunday!