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Portland’s been a big focus as of late, mostly because of the (hilarious) show Portlandia, but that is about to be out shined. Enter Foxy Lemon, hard-hitting, 70s-tinged bluesy rock ‘n roll quintet.  Rocker Stalker is thrilled and privileged to host the exclusive premiere of the Portlanders’ new single  “The Factory” from their forthcoming, aptly-titled split release, Joint EP, shared with fellow Portland natives, Cambrian Explosion.

“The Factory,” which you can stream below,  churns out grungy blues rock goodness. Opening with grumbles and howls with sassy riffs and yearning vocals, it soon surges into a adrenaline-infused, slide guitar  explosion that melts you to the core. Foxy Lemon prove rock ‘n roll is alive and well in the Northwest, and I an only hope they make their way east soon.



Stay updated on all things Foxy Lemon and visit them on the interwebs, and in the meantime, rock out to “The Factory!”