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Everyone knows that I’m a huge fan and endorser of Nashville-based rockers, The Wans.  They’ve been  a staple of Rocker Stalker Presents shows and the subject of my rave reviews of their 2012 self-titled EP and 2014 release,  He Said, She Said (which I still ‘spin’ on the daily).

Now, the power trio is set to welcome Run Baby Runproduced by Vance Powell (The Dead Weather, Red Fang, Jack White), next Friday, June 24, 2016.  The EP is a triple-threat (and so are the band members), delivering six blistering and melodic tracks that you can rock to, dance to and pine to.  A darker direction than previous releases, The Wans fit even more snugly in the realm of Queens of the Stone Age and Alain Johannes, while maintaining the spunkiness akin to Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood.

Much like a marathon, The Wans  hit the ground running with the EP’s title track (streaming below) at a steady rock pace, introducing Simon Kerr’s fuzzy guitars and soaring vocals, Thomas Bragg’s sharp bass lines and Mark Petaccia’s crushing drums. “Seeing Red” picks up the intensity, whipping the EP into hysteria between intervals of calming distortion. “Who Are You Now” pushes forward with power chord force and oozes with heavy riffs, pained melodies and heart-wrenching lyrics.  The song equivalent to a complicated relationship, “Not So Pretty,” my top choice on the EP, is lustful, hateful and bold. It’s the type of song you play for that special jerk in your life. The seductive and heavy “Nail Me,” is exactly what you think it’s about.  The Wans, however, take the blunt proposal and manage to make it romantic with spine-tingling harmonies. Closing out the EP, “ABCD” sprints to a climax and swirls into an all-band frenzy before releasing one last yelp and gasp of air at the finish line.

Be sure pre-order Run Baby Run  before it drops on June 24th and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming show and festival dates with The Wans!

10399680_952720638137478_8895487500730336744_nPhoto: Jason Lee Denton