Last Night, Rocker Stalker Said…:Black Taxi, Echosuite, and Yazan at Public Assembly 1/26/13

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Entries


This past Saturday, January 26, Brooklyn’s Public Assembly heated up with a special, packed show headlined by Black Taxi.   The band’s consummate blend of rock heaviness, dancy beats, and Brooklyn quirkiness, has launched them into national notoriety.  Next week, the quartet will be relocating to Austin, Texas for the two months, performing each Wednesday at The Parish beginning February 6 on through March, as well as writing new material for a forthcoming record and playing SXSW.

Accompanying Black Taxi for their “farewell…for now” gig, were Yazan and Echosuite.  Starting off the evening with some powerful pipes and lovely guitar compositions, Yazan, who is also Ezra Huleatt (vocals/keys/ trumpet/”toys”) and Bill Mayo (guitar/vocals) of Black Taxi’s roommate, paused for a moment to joke about being left with “strangers from Craigslist,”  before blowing the crowd away with bluesy slide guitar jams backed by drums.  Check out his EP, Your Crooked Part here. Changing tunes, Echosuite, who also hail from New York, filled the room with bright synths, showcasing their refined sound and pop sensibilities.  Their record is streamable in full here.   After all the growing anticipation, the men of the hour finally hit the stage.  Appearing in signature warpaint, Huleatt donned zebra stripes and tribal prints mixed with Jack of Diamonds-inspired face paint, which eventually melted into smoky smears.  Drawing from their discography, Black Taxi played over an hour of crowd-pleasing tunes from their 2012 release, We Don’t Know Any Better, 2009 album, Things of That Nature, and a yet-to-be released newbie. Whipping the crowd into a frenzy from note one, Black Taxi mesmerized with Huleatt’s trumpet solos and Mayo’s exquisite guitar work, combined with Jason Holmes’ driving beats,  Krisana Soponpong’s groovable basslines,  and full-band electro-style breakdowns.  The shoulder-to-shoulder audience, infused by the band’s frenetic energy, bounced, swayed, and shimmied as one, particularly for “Shoeshine,” “We Don’t Know Any Better,” ”Be My Friend,”  “Pretty Mama,” and  “Up Here for Thinking (Down There For Dancing),” during which the ever-acrobatic Huleatt pulled himself upside down on a ceiling beam above the stage, grasping the microphone, and shaking a tambourine.  Even after the extended set, cheers for more coaxed the band back for a two-song encore, “Life During Wartime” by The Talking Heads and “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones.  The night was an unforgettably fun night and the perfect send off for the beloved Black Taxi.

Though New York will miss one of their pride and joys, Black Taxi’s friends and fans are proud to see an act of the band’s caliber gaining the attention and praise they deserve.  Austin is lucky to have them!

DSCN2962 DSCN2973 DSCN3062
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