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Fighting songs, traditional Celtic songs, punk, and rock ‘n roll come together as Outernational joins the Flogging Molly tour for the weekend. Starting off tonight in Huntington, NY at the Paramount, the “future rock” quintet and seven Celtic punk rockers head up to the House of Blues in Boston tomorrow and Palace Theater in Albany on Saturday. If you like to jig, headbang, or shake your hips, you have a chance to do all of the above for three straight nights! Doors are at 7pm!

Last Thursday, Brooklyn-founded quartet, The Click Clack Boom made a special appearance at The Box as part of a fundraiser for aerial arts based emerging film, “Taxiplasm,” and their indie/art rock sound fit the bill perfectly.  A silent auction featuring a variety of local talents’ work, including The Click Clack Boom’s very own Joseph Wolf Grazi,  served as visual accompaniment to the equally varied musical acts.  Following the indie rockers, female vocal troupe, Hydra, hit the stage, singing Russian folk songs mostly a capella with impeccable flair and precision.  Taking a break from musical performances, an aerial demonstration stimulated the senses before headliner, Sean Lennon, whose creations were definitely “out of the box.” He and drummer, Greg Saunier, aka The Mystical Weapons hypnotized the crowd with strobe lights and avant garde electro-jams, comprised of buzzes, beeps, and whirs emanating from unidentified electronic devices, bass/guitar distortions, and eruptions of spastic drums.  The evening was a unique collaboration of artists and a rare opportunity that was a privilege to experience.  Catch The Click Clack Boom next at Santo’s Party House on Tuesday, June 19 for the Reverbnation Showcase (Free admission!).



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