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Last Thursday began a tre of Outernational shows that kept my weekend jam-packed…

Kicking off the revolutionary rock extravaganza,  as part of the John Varvatos Thursday Nite Live series, Outernational arrived in New York City, from a long stretch national tour dates, with a special guest along for the ride, the one and only Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Although these Thursday nights are mostly popular for the free booze and entry, this time around there was genuine excitement to see the performance.

Next stop on the  “Todos Somos Ilegales” Tour took me to Montclair, NJ’s The Meat Locker. It certainly felt refrigerated and preserved the punk attitude in the air, as NJ’s Suburban Grass reinvigorate rebellious youth and enthusiastically introduced Outernational, who blew through a set of newer tracks and blew out some eardrums, too.

Treating their local fans and friends to favorites from their first EP Eyes on Fire as well as yet to be released songs from Welcome to the Revolution,  Outernational finished off their two and a half month tour in the  band’s home turf  at Brooklyn’s The Achernon. Sadly, when I get excited, I forget things, and I forgot my camera.  But, the band will be out and about again come March, so keep your eyes peeled for show dates in your city and album release announcements.

Here’ s little glimpse into the excitement, rock, and sweat from the first two nights.

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