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Tonight, Bowery Ballroom is going to be en fuego as NYC’s blues-rock duo, The Dead Exs hit the big time, supporting the  legendary and Boston-formed Del Fuegos, who are currently on tour for the first time in almost 25 years.  Tickets are are $25 at the door, and doors are at 8pm. Come feel the heat!

From the Sunshine Coast to the West Coast, and now to the East Coast, Aussie-turned-Angeleno, Scott Mellis, has traveled far and wide to play his sweet and soothing songs to audiences across the world. He landed in New York City specifically to serenade those at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1, so get yourselves to the venue at 8pm tonight to catch his set. Recently released video for his tune, “Lioness,” tugs on heartstrings with poignant vocals and exquisite guitar lines, elements that define Mellis’ lovely lilt. And, of course, the video was debuted on Valentine’s Day…Awwwww.

It can’t be true! This is the last Thursday show at Park Slope’s beloved venue, Southpaw! To bid farewell to this this establishment, it’s only proper to feature some of NYC’s favorite Alt-rock/Americana bands, including The Courtesy Tier, Barnyard Brothers, Daniel Wayne, and Danya Kurtz.  It’ also a show that is part of the Americana Pie Fest. Such a  clever name! Music starts at 8pm!

Saturday night. Mercury Lounge. It got crazy. A sold out show featuring Your 33 Black Angels, That Handsome Devil, Black Wing Halo and  Black Taxi hit every desired characteristic of a great rock show.

A touch of psychedelia and feel-good jams by the eight members of Your 33 Black Angels kicked off the evening. Although my requests for a cover of the Allman Brothers went unfulfilled (They have two drummers. I thought they would take advantage! Maybe next time? Wink.), Y33BA were a fun warm-up.

Crowd-pleasing and quirky, That Handsome Devil  growled, squatted, and bounced across the stage, and kept listeners constantly moving and participating with frequent audience-check ins via cheer volume.

The perspiration began to peak as Black Wing Halo stole the stage. Primal screams, impassioned vocals, eerie electro-effects, and grungy riffs filled the venue. I’m a fan of black and white,and Black Wing Halo…enjoy “Above My Head!”

Headliners, Black Taxi, delievered yet again, another stellar set, opening with a mini-tribute to the late Whitney Houston. Changing gears, the quartet delved into their uplifting list of contagiously danceable  selections from Things of That Nature and We Don’t Know Any Better. There was not one still foot or dry brow in the room…have a looksie:

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It’s another case of phenomenal matches tonight, as Your 33 Black Angels, That Handsome Devil, Black Wing Halo, and  Black Taxi (Such ominous names!) , all of whom I’ve had the privilege   of reviewing/interviewing, come together at Mercury Lounge.  If you’re a first-time listener/spectator of  any of these bands, hold on to your hat!  The bands bring completely different styles to the table… psychedelic, quirky, experimental, and danceable…yet they are all similar in that they are  some of New York’s “best of.”  Music starts at 8:30pm, and there may still be a few tickets left at the door.  21+. Rock.

Last Thursday began a tre of Outernational shows that kept my weekend jam-packed…

Kicking off the revolutionary rock extravaganza,  as part of the John Varvatos Thursday Nite Live series, Outernational arrived in New York City, from a long stretch national tour dates, with a special guest along for the ride, the one and only Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Although these Thursday nights are mostly popular for the free booze and entry, this time around there was genuine excitement to see the performance.

Next stop on the  “Todos Somos Ilegales” Tour took me to Montclair, NJ’s The Meat Locker. It certainly felt refrigerated and preserved the punk attitude in the air, as NJ’s Suburban Grass reinvigorate rebellious youth and enthusiastically introduced Outernational, who blew through a set of newer tracks and blew out some eardrums, too.

Treating their local fans and friends to favorites from their first EP Eyes on Fire as well as yet to be released songs from Welcome to the Revolution,  Outernational finished off their two and a half month tour in the  band’s home turf  at Brooklyn’s The Achernon. Sadly, when I get excited, I forget things, and I forgot my camera.  But, the band will be out and about again come March, so keep your eyes peeled for show dates in your city and album release announcements.

Here’ s little glimpse into the excitement, rock, and sweat from the first two nights.

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So, the John Varvatos store on Bowery may not be big enough to contain the excitement and crowd size anticipated for tonight’s event. Free show+Free booze+Outernational+Chad Smith (Yes, he’s taking time off from the Chili Peppers to drum.)= Chaos. If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, it might be a tough one to talk yourself into. All those planning to attend, get ready for long lines and lots of sweat. And, as always, don’t forget your dancing shoes and rebellious attitude. The gig starts at 8pm, 21+.