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LA-based Vas Defrans are  a couple letters off of a male anatomy lesson, but are spot on when it comes to their self-titled EP released this month. Last I saw them in December at the Whiskey-a-Go- Go, I was left  on the edge of my seat waiting for the album release. These five precocious and progressive rockers present six solid tracks defined by soulful vocals backed by well-calculated, complex, and expertly executed rhythms, and gripping guitar and bass lines that will get your body moving. I’m officially addicted to the record, especially opening track, “The Individual,” which I can only describe as “sexy math rock.” I’m thrilled to have the EP to tide me over, but I’m hoping there’s a New York show in store!

You can grab the album here for just under six bucks, but if you’re in the LA area,  be sure to catch these guys before  you can’t get into their shows anymore.  Check out this fantastic “making of” video!

Last night,Matt Reich of Lights Resolve asked me post-Bowery Ballroom show,  “So, how was your dream show?” My answer was a simple, “Oh my gosh. Awesome!” I wish I could say more, but mostly I just sit and smile when I try.  A celebration of Black Taxi’s newest We Don’t Know Any Better, the band pulled out all the stops, and not surprisingly,  played to a sold out venue (It actually OVER sold out, almost 800 tickets sold to the 500 capacity venue. Apparently, even coat check was sold out!)

The Attic Ends started off the night with their atmospheric rock; their lead vocalist’s flowing, white night gown get-up floated over the stage and took on the spirit of their songs. Austin-based Bright Light Social Hour got the dance party going and the sweat pouring, with their contagious grooves and tight jam-outs.  NY-born rock trio, Lights Resolve shook the stage with heavy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and dark, melodic tracks from their recently debuted record, Feel You’re Different. (Enjoy the live rendition of “Another Five Days” below.).  Reich attached a plastic cup to his head with a rubberband in honor of Black Taxi’s penchant for horned animals (Check out recent Black Taxi posters or the new album’s cover. You’ll see what I mean.)  It was a good look.  At about midnight, the stage went dark, and the men of the hour snuck on stage.  The lights revealed Ezra Huleatt’s body paint of multi-colored hand prints, bold streaks, and glitter (which was later sprinkled over the audience), and feathery accessories, as the band launched into an “oldie but goodie,” “Don’t Count Me Out.”  Black Taxi touched on favorites from their first album, Things of That Nature, a highlight being “Up Here for Thinking, Down There for Dancing,” during which two generous Kickstarter contributors smashed guitars on stage (See below!).  Happy chaos comprised of frantic dancing, jumping, and shouting (I strained my vocal cords) broke out  and escalated when the band performed several already-favorite tracks off the new record, including “Friend,” “Do What you Gotta Do,” “Vultures,” and must-hear title track. All in all, it was an epic  evening of friends, fans, and good music, the most essential elements to any “dream show.”


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I say this a lot, that “tonight’s show is going to be amazing”,”great,” “sure to be fun,” etc., but this time, I am  at a loss for words. How about, this evening’s show is a match made in Rocker Stalker heaven, literally?’s got nothing on this.  Celebrating the release of their sophomore album, We Don’t Know Any BetterBlack Taxi shares the stage at Bowery Ballroom with Lights Resolve. The last time they all graced the same stage was back in 2010 at  the Rocker Stalker “Seven Deadly Bands” CMJ Showcase. It’s about time they reunite! Joining them are nothing short of other perfect fits, Black Taxi’s Texas brethren, Bright Light Social Hour, and NY friends, The Attic Ends.  We DO know better than to miss this gig, but  it’s just about sold out, naturally, so get your tickets while you still can! Doors at 7:30pm, 18+!

It’s no secret that I’m counting down the milliseconds ’til Black Taxi’s album release show at Bowery Ballroom this Saturday. But,  to make the wait even more suspenseful, the Brooklynites have taunted us with a new video for the track, “Hand,” off of the  new record, We Don’t Know Any Better.  Enjoy. Hold hands.



We all know that bands and beverages make a great combination….even those of us who simply sip Diet Coke while out for the evening. Tonight, those things come together at Cameo Gallery with Th Courtesy Tier and Nicos Gun as part of Arizona Tea’s House of Creatives Wrap Party. It’s a free shindig! Just send your RSVP in at and get to Cameo around 8!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! First post of 2012!

Back to business.

Last night, among the clink, clunk, and the bang of bowling balls at Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn’s The Click Clack Boom powered through a set of brand new material, hopefully coming to us soon in this new year.  It’s always fun to be in the presence of a band who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. There were no exceptions last night as 3/4 of the band donned furry animal hats (It’s too hot to play drums in faux fur.) with no explanation other than general silliness.   Catch these animals on January 18 at the Delancey! Following the CCB, Nicos Gun hit the stage with non-stop dance beats and 80s pop sensibilities.  There was not a still foot in the venue.

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