Last Night, Rocker Stalker Said…: Gwar at Irving Plaza 10/25/11

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Entries

Ok, so I’ll admit I was a bit scared upon receiving an invitation to see Gwar at Irving Plaza this past Sunday.  After a week of CMJ, I thought I would take a break from loudness that is live music, but I agreed to one more assault on my ear drums. Dressed for the Lower East Side, I climbed the stairs, palms sweating and knees a bit shaky, to the stage room, where I  cowered under the second floor balcony, fearful of the impending spews of fake blood (Did you know the band uses 50 gallons on average per show? Yes, I Googled.), and other “alien bodily liquids.” Not.that Im afraid of blood, but I wasn’t prepared to have some of my own shed.

When Gwar finally entered the stage with poofs of smoke, in their full spiky, helmeted and armoured regalia, meatheads, skinheads, and metalheads, circled together in the mosh pit, welcoming the showers of red and green fluids. As Gwar growled, battled large creatures, and sacrificed Snooki on stage, my nerves subsided and transformed into pure enjoyment of the theater meets Comicon meets Medieval Times meets metal extravaganza.  long story short, I survived to tell a good story of impromptu ridiculousness.
These aren’t my best shots, but hey, I was keeping my camera safe…

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