Last Night, Rocker Stalker Said…: Bright Light Social Hour and Black Taxi at Mercury Lounge 10/1/11

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Entries

Last night, Bright Light Social Hour and Black Taxi brought Mercury Lounge down with an unforgettable show. Austin’s BLSH, who whipped the crowd into a sweaty dancing frenzy with their infectious grooves, more than warmed up the audience in preparation for Black Taxi. It was the perfect way to celebrate the band’s new single, “Tightrope,” which they performed among other new tracks that will soon be released on  their upcoming album, “We Don”t Know Any better,” and several fan favorites. The highlight of the evening occured during “Up Here for Thinking (Down There for Dancing)” from their first album Things of That Nature, when the band welcomed the audience on stage for a dance party finale!

Here’s a newbie!

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