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This past Tuesday through Thursday, I spent almost 22 hours in a car with my dear friend, making the trek from New York to Canada and back  for the second day of the Ottawa Bluesfest 2011. Even though we spent almost same amount of time traveling as we did seeing the city and enjoying the festival, it was worth every second. After arriving at 5am, napping, and taking a peek at Byward Market, Canada’s largest and oldest public market, it was time to head to the festival site.  Taking place on the beautiful Lebreton Flats along the Ottawa River, the 8-stage event hosted an incredible line-up on July 6, including awe-inspiring Alberta Cross (They played two shows, one outdoors and the other, an acoustic, in the Canadian War Museum’s Barney Danson Theater),  Toronto-based rhythm-machines, Boudoin Soundclash, Toronto’s indie-rockers Whale Tooth, The Roots, the one and only, and the legendary Ben Harper. And, may I just say that the Las Vegas hotel-themed food stands, which offered loads of international cuisine, were an experience in themselves.  It was a palatable day all around to say the least.

The fest continues well into next week, so if you happen to take a trip to see our northern neighbors, the Ottawa Bluesfest should be on your itinerary. It will definitely be something to look forward to next summer, but in the mean time, here’s a look back on the evening with highlights of the spectacular artists!

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And, here’s Alberta Cross (naturally!) at the Barney Danson Theater with a newer, entrancing tune, “Magnolia.”