Last Night, Rocker Stalker Said…: Social Hero at Fonatana’s and Kendra Morris at Rockwood Stage 2 02/19/11

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Entries

My evening began with two small brownies from Babycakes NYC, a gluten-free bakery heaven, which provided a source of energy for the next several hours of music. I’m pretty addicted to anything at their establishment. Also, their cupcakes are worth stalking.

I arrived at Fontana’s where the first band, Sel-koh from New Jersey, was treading on dangerous territory, covering The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Muse, as well as mixing in  their own pop rock/feel-good material. Additionally, they revealed their great level of fandom for the following band, Social Hero, who was my initial target. Social Hero, who have been recording their upcoming album for the past couple of months, let out their pent up energy as they bounced, head-banged, and engaged with their hard rock enthusiasm and on stage chemistry.

Post-rock, I sprinted to Rockwood Music Hall, where Kendra Morris, impressed with her soulfulness, vocal range, and sassy stage presence. Along with her standout voice, her outfit, consisting of a lace, bell-bottom body suit, and hair, a mohawk-like, one-sided braid, kept all ears and eyes on the songstress.

Take a looksy…

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