HELP!: For “Lucious Lovenode”

Posted: January 27, 2011 in HELP!

Dear RockerStalker,

A writter/blogger posted a horrible review of my music on their site!  Although we put our music out for everyone to hear, we figured since it’s so good, everyone would like it unconditionally . . .

Basically, they said a meanie and made us feel bad.  Our mothers tried to make us feel better by telling us how special we were, but those words are etched in our brains!

Can we sue?

Thanks Rocker Stalker!
Lucious Lovenode

Dear Lucious Lovenode,

I’m sorry about your hurt feelings, and I’m sure your mothers truly believe that you are special. To be perfectly honest, I’m not  100% sure about a lawsuit. I’m no  lawyer, but you probably can’t sue, at least not successfully.  Something can only be considered slander if your lives have been altered significantly in harmful ways, and you have enough evidence to demonstrate that you’re unable to function normally, that your income has been hurt substantially, you’re suicidal, etc.  Otherwise, if this blogger is a nobody  (like yours truly), or he/she writes merely as a hobby (like yours truly), it’s probably not a big deal if something negative was said about you. The web is a BIG space with plenty of other opportunities to receive positive feedback about your music. Does ONE comment or review really override everything positive you’ve ever heard about your band? Keep up your hard work and do what YOU believe in, and if one reviewer doesn’t like it, it’s not the end of the world. It’s probably a better idea to get famous, show the blogger you actually do rule, and brush off the bad review as a typical step in your careers.


Rock and roll,


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