Last Night Rocker Stalker Said…: Reckless Sons, Fieros, Foster McGinty, and the Dead Exs at Bowery Electric 1/20

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Entries

Thursday night at Bowery Electric was an atypical night in New York music. Very seldom is the entire line-up so attention-grabbing and over all, rocker stalker approved. I had come to see Reckless Sons and confirm my positive impression of Fieros (who I had never seen) and left with even more music in my back pocket than expected.

Upon arrival, Foster McGinty, a duo fronted by a guitarist who resembled a French artist/ pirate/mime (take your pick), was rocking the stage. They had begun the them of retro-rock for the evening, and each of their songs was as catching as the last.  They’ve been busy recording and have an album out, Peach Red. Check them out here.

Next on the agenda were Reckless Sons who have also been busy in the studio.  They have three tracks available to their fans, so head to their Facebook page and contact them to receive download links!

Fieros hit the stage with a fiery set of bluesy rock with a southern twang. They even welcomed a special guest singer for the encore requested by both the audience and the sound guy.

Last, but certainly not least, The Dead Exs crept onto the stage with dark, moody blues mixed with a sultry rock swing. The duo was accompanied on a few songs by an alluring harmonica-ist. Download their album, Resurrection, on their website and name your own price!


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