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A born and bred Angelen(a),I began my path as a “rocker stalker” in good ol’ SoCal. Visiting my family for the holidays, as I said in my previous blog, I discovered shortly before my trip out west that an amazing musician, Cass Dillon, who I met out in the Big Apple and who plays with NYC groups like Reckless Sons and Mike Del Rio, would also be LA-bound at the same time. He had mentioned his band,The Shades, in passing, but I had never heard or seen the band play, and when he invited me to their Hollywood show at Three Clubs (Yes, that’s the name…not literally 3 clubs), I was ecstatic! Arriving at one of the darkest venues on my roster (It’s improved a lot…the tables in the stage room are actually visible now.), it was almost like a blind date; I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited nonetheless. However, based on my previous observations of Dillon as a musician and my knowledge of his music taste, I didn’t doubt that the band would be great. My assumption was a complete understatement. I had dragged my best friend with me, and right when the trio, composed of Jaco Caraco on guitar/vocals, Cass Dillon on bass/vocals, and Michael (?) on drums (Sorry, I didn’t get the full name.), commenced sound check, the BFF and I looked at each other simultaneously with joy and squealed, “OMG! THEY ARE GONNA BE AWESOME!” And, awesome they were. Caraco and Dillon trade off sassy and blues-tinged pop-rock vocals between and within songs, and there’s always a shredding guitar solo at some point during each tune backed by grooving bass lines, which really make a rocker stalker happy. Several times, Caraco got up close and personal with the audience, melting faces with his flying-V and standing atop tables as audience members grabbed at his feet. Three was truly the charm at Three Clubs, and there might be more visits by Rocker Stalker to LA with The Shades in tow. I can’t wait to hear what 2011 brings for the band!

Music to My (bunny) Ears!: New Trailer for “HOP”

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During the holidays, I head home to see my family, and in that time, it’s also my birthday. So, as a tradition, we see a movie. But, after the feature film, my favorite memory was actually from the previews, one for an animated movie due out in 2011 called HOP. Not only do I love animations, but cute critters rocking out to Blur? Pretty great.  Here’s the trailer…happy holidays!

After Hanukkah, before Christmas, Kwanza, and New Years, on December 19, I am hosting a show at Pianos with four fantastic bands to celebrate the holiday’s and the debut of the Williamsburg Bridge. The line up is The Courtesy Tier, Blackbells, Apollo Run, and Social Hero, and doors are at 8pm! It’s $10 and 21+! So come celebrate the jam-packed holiday season with some good rock ‘n roll!

This is the second installment of The Shakedown at The Red Door (140 W 24th St), a monthly party hosted by NYC band, The Shake. Joining them will be two fantastic trios, New Madrid and Apollo Run. This time, you must RSVP! So, check out all the info here, and see you tonight! Doors at 8pm, $5, and lots of cheap drinks for whom that applies!

WWRSD?: Nature of City at Port 41 Tonight

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My really cool friend has a really cool project called Nature of City. Mr. Josh Pillbox and his two companions will be hitting the stage at 10pm sharp at Port 41 in Manhattan on the corner of 41st St. and 9th Avenue. Come rock out…there will also be an Incubus cover band called Morning View crooning at 8PM. $10!

Music to My Ears: BLACK TAXI’s Music Video for “Shoeshine”

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Words cannot even express how impressed I am with every aspect of this video for Black Taxi’s “Shoeshine.” Sure, the song was fantastic, but watching this gives the tune even more of a boost. Great job to the team at Resonance Interactive and Black Taxi!

Black Taxi – “Shoeshine” from Resonance Interactive on Vimeo.

Black Taxi are pretty much the creme de la creme in New York. After a while of waiting, the Brooklynites are finally releasing a video for one of my favorite songs, “Shoeshine,” from their album Things of That Nature. You probably have time to RSVP for the FREE show/party at The Canal Room tonight at 9pm. Black Taxi will be doing a set around 10pm and the video will debut around 11pm!  Send an email to

Tonight is a double whammy. It’s up to you  if you want to go to one or the other, or both, in my case.
At The Studio at Webster Hall, dance-rock champions, Black Taxi, will be headlining with support by throw-back rockers Hollis Brown and quintet of “modern rockers,” Hey Guy. The show is $10 in advance/$12 at the door and 19+. Doors at 8pm. Find out more  here.

Not too far away, at the gorgeous Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, Apollo Run, classical rock-pop trio, will be celebrating their album release at 10pm. Come by to pick up a copy of Here Be Dragons, Vol. 1 and for a proper serenade. Free and 21+. AR is also doing a groovy afterparty at 200 Orchard Street, so come dance from midnight to the break of dawn!

WWRSD?: OUTERNATIONAL at Don Hills with a Special Guest…TONIGHT!

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I’m not usually big on celebrity sightings or appearances, but sometimes, when the situation is special, my heart begins to flutter, and my palms get clammy.  Tonight is one of those butterflies-in-your-stomach occasions. Local “future rockers” OUTERNATIONAL will be playing Don Hills tonight at 9:30PM with a SUPER special guest on drums, CHAD SMITH of the Red Hot Chili Peppers! It’s FREE and 18+, so if  you want to  go, simply email!

Check out this killer video of Chad Smith rehearsing with the band!