Music to My Ears: ROB TONSICK releases EP Today! 10/1

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m pretty excited to announce that LA-turned-San Francisco-based artist, Rob Tonisick is releasing his self-titled labum today!  It’s available on CDBaby and iTunes!!!

Mr. Tonsick is not only a talented musician and a voice that should be heard, but a dear friend of mine. While living in Los Angeles, I put together a birthday party at The Viper Room, and the headliners, Run Run Run (I could write books about them…), were paired with Raspberry Cocaine and Nick Dixon. Because my birthday is Christmas Eve, I always thought it would appropriate to embrace the “time of giving,” and organized the party as a fundraiser for Life Rolls On.Fronted by Rob Tonsick, Nick Dixon’s blues-rock vibe and stage energy stood out, and beyond that, they were the only band that mentioned the party’s cause.  Good band, good guys. A couple years passed as I finished college and moved to NY, catching shows in beteween when i was home for the holidays. This past New Year’s, tragedy struck, however. I was hit with terrible news that the band’s guitarist, Raj Antonipillai, had passed. It was truly a tragedy and we all miss him very much. So, in his honor, part of the proceeds will be going to Raj’s Scholarship Fund.  As I said, good band, good guys.

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