Archive for September 24, 2010

Let me just start with a fun fact. Today is my 3/4 birthday. I’m almost allowed to rent a car! That aside, here’s what’s happening in the music world:

THE DIG at The Rock Shop in Park Slope. FREE SHOW, 21+, 10PM. More deets!

Also, if you’re up in the Williamburg area, go check out my buddies The Wicked Tomorrow at CAMEO (the back of Lovin’ Cup) at 10:30 PM. 21+, $10

There are actually nights in New York when you are bored, if you can believe it. Last summer,  I had one of those days. I was itching to get out, see live music, and just explore my soon-to-be home. A random selection off resulted in one of my better life choices: a show at Mercury Lounge with The Dig. Mercury Lounge was/is my favorite venue in the city, and I figured, even if the music wasn’t great, at least I was sheltered by something great. As it turns out, The Dig instantly became a top choice of mine. Their bluesy roots, rock vibe, and danceable songs were pretty much what I was looking for, and to top it all off, the four were some of the nicest guys I had met in the city.  Making and friends and finding great music; that’s why I came to NY.  I’ve been able to see them perform in NY and Boston, and my mom has seen them in LA. If you haven’t already, do check them out. You can get an introduction here!

Constantly in and out of the city, on tours, and becoming a big deal around the big apple, The Dig are always a band I try to see when they’re in town. This summer they released Electric Toys which, if I had my own “Rocker Stalker Charts,” I’d place in the Top 5. They play again at Mercury Lounge on October 16. Get your tickets now before it sells out!