Last Night, Rocker Stalker Said…: Outernational, Anti-Flag, and company at The Bellhouse, BK 9/22/10

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

As you saw from my earlier post, Outernational had a gig September 22 in Brooklyn at the Bellhouse, and according to guitarist Leo Mintek, “This was closest to home we’ve been in the last year.” Let’s just get the basic lowdown and some photos and video. Sound good? Peachy.

Brooklyn based Cerebral Ballzy opened the night. First of all, that name has to go; I’m a fan of puns and crude jokes, but this one just isn’t working. Second, their singer could barely keep his eyes open, and after spewing incomprehensible lyrics at a machine gun pace  on topics such as, “puke,” “girls,” and “being bad,” I wanted to spew too. Finally, I know the night was all about leftist perspective, and as a completely politically apathetic person, that’s not what bothered me. It was the fact that Cerebral Ballzy sucked ballzy. See, I can be funny too!

Next up, Outernational swung the sound the other way. I always call them a “fusion band” because I can’t define them as purely rock, hard rock, punk, reggae, dub, ska, rap, or funk, because they include all the above.  Also, the quintet takes pride in constructing danceable, melodic songs that contain poetic and powerful lyrics. They’re the type of band that can be enjoyed purely for their music AND be used to take a stand. The set was back-to-back, a marathon of songs, including “Here is the Rose,” “One for the Airwaves,” “Que Queremos,” a cover of their idols, The Clash’s, “The Guns of Brixton,” and “Fighting Song” (in the video below).

Third in the line up were The Menzingers. What is a “menzinger?” although musically catching and appealing, also covering the Clash with “Straight to Hell,” had vocals that were, well, a little generic. They alternated between two guitarist on vocals, one who played lefty, making the count for left handed instrumentalist three for the night, in the style much like their tour mates Anti-Flag.

Headliners, were, naturally, Anti-Flag. Not to repeat myself, but even though I’m not any particular “wing,” I did have a blast during their set. I steered clear of the body bashing but definitely absorbed plenty of the energy radiating from the stage; it’s no surprise these guys have been around for 22 years and still have such great appeal. Continuing the theme, AF also did a Clash tune, “Should I Stay, or Should I Go?” Not to mention, Justin Sane (Ah, so clever!), who I had met at a previous ON engagement, was just insanely attractive (I know, I’m late to jump on the bandwagon.). In a conversation pre-show, outside with Outernational’s Miles Solay  and his prom date from high school, Sane revealed that he had been to three different proms. No surprise there.

After the four bands had kicked the Bandshell’s butt, it was time to pack up and add more to my roadie resume. With the help of my two gal pals, we passed the test of packing equipment into Outernational’s van; I was even called “diesel” at some point during the process…Then I broke a shoe, and there was some after hours dancing at Santos Party House with DJ Uproot Andy…who will be DJing after Outernational’s Saturday gig at Mehanata bulgarian Bar!

Check out the rest of my photos and a video of Outernational’s “Fighting Song.”

  1. mom says:

    ONce in a lifetime to be blessed with good guys and great music/musicians/messengers…There’s much to celebrate for the FUTURE of rock!

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