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First thing’s first…

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Entries

Hi Everyone!

As you can probably tell, by my minimalist approach, I’m no veteran blogger. however, I wanted to keep it simple. So, here’s the scoop…let’s try it High Fidelity-style:

1. I LOVE MUSIC LOVE. You hear that every day, from someone, I’m sure, but I’ll pretend, for the sake of this blog, that I’ve got something special to say. It all started long ago, maybe even before I was born?  Both my parents, very musically inclined and very eclectic in musical taste, exposed my older brother (a  creative rock star and more musically adept than I will ever hope to be)  and me to a broad spectrum of tunes ranging from Bach to Beethoven to Bob Dylan to The Beatles to The Beach Boys, etc…My mom always enjoys retelling the story of my “Beach Boys only policy in the car at the tender age of 3. Of course, growing up in the 90’s, we were exposed to an explosion of music: grunge, boy bands, and “Seattle sound,” etc.   Whatever chemical reaction occurred, there was a bond formed between classic rock and me,  something more long lasting than Super glue or Styrofoam. A pianist for some time, a violinist from middle school on,  a dabbler in bass guitar,  I appreciate the dedication it takes to pursue music. I became a volunteer at KCRW FM in Santa Monica, CA, during which I met a band called Run Run Run.  Impressed that  there was music in my modern world that could make me as happy as I was when listening to Let It Bleed. on vinyl, I pushed their music  as an after school project that developed into a life goal.  Long story short, an interview with these Angelenos was responsible for my entry in the writing world, helping me land my first gig with All Access Magazine. After internships with radio stations, assignments and run-ins with great people and musicians (many of whom are listed in the “Buzz Bands” links on this page),  and a relocation to Brooklyn from LA last year, I have experienced a whirlwind of networking and emergence into my place as a “scenester” and  self-proclaimed “Rocker Stalker.”

2. I currently write for The Deli Magazine NYC and occasionally for The Dirty Fucking Hipster, but I want to share with the world, or the five people who might read this, more than what I can usually publish on the topic. However, while I get used to this public rambling, enjoy some of my musings here.

3. I’m not really a “stalker.” I suppose it’s an exaggeration for my insatiable search for good music in New York and beyond, and my continuous efforts to expose ear drums to pleasant frequencies.

4. Even though this blog is music-centric, I can’t help but spill  my thoughts on other passions on the page:  food, movies, TV,  men, hangout spots,  art/photography, dancing, and plain old good stories.

5.  Don’t judge my photos or grammar. I am not a professional in either arena.

Thanks for checking it out. Scope out the links for good music and bands I’ve had my ear on.  Meanwhile, I promise I will learn to blog better.

Rock, but don’t forget about the roll…

– Rocker Stalker